Preparing For A Trip With An Oversized Load

24 February 2017
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Roads are designed for the typical forms of traffic that are expected to use the roads. However, there are times when an object that is much larger than the width of the road must be transported from one location to another with there being no way to disassemble this object. This is a common phenomenon when modular homes must be transported from one location to another, but this can be a problem when transporting many other things. Under these situations, you will need to obtain an overweight auto permit and follow the regulations surrounding the transportation of an oversized load.

Time Of Day

There are often regulations for when you are allowed to travel with an oversized load. For example, you are often restricted from traveling with an oversized load during the morning and evening rush hours. The key is to travel during a time when you are the least likely to experience significant traffic.

Banner Signs

Banner signs are necessary for warning motorists about an oversized load and must either read: "oversized load" or "wide load." In order to determine whether it is even necessary that you follow the regulations for oversized loads in your state, research the weight and dimensions that are allowed and have your cargo weighed and measured to determine if it is under or over these limits. Often, you will not only need to take the gross weight into consideration, but also the pounds per single axle and the pounds per tandem axle. Therefore, even if your gross weight is below the maximum weight allowed, you may still be transporting an oversized load.

Pilot Cars

Pilot cars must drive in front of and behind the oversized load. These are designed to warn motorists of the load and to create distance between the load and other motorists.

Hiring The Professionals

One of the best ways to have an oversized load transported from one destination to another is to hire professionals. They will be responsible for learning the regulations for each state that you pass through and will also be responsible for obtaining all of the necessary permits. The type of cargo that often requires an oversized load permit include:

  • Boats
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Homes
  • Heavy haul shipments

Find a company that has prior experience with transporting these types of loads so that they will have the equipment necessary to get the job done with minimal hassle.

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