Getting The Right Trailer To Transport Your Portable Traffic Signal

13 April 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

One of the challenges of using portable traffic signals is that you must transport them from one work site to another without damaging them. Bumps in the road can cause some materials to crack, such as the plastic signal heads. Some traffic signals come already mounted onto trailers, but for those that don't, you will need to obtain your own trailer or purchase one from the portable traffic signal vendor. Make sure you get a trailer with the right features.

Trailer Brakes

Trailer brakes slow down the trailer so that it isn't brought to a halt abruptly, reducing the risk of damaging the portable traffic signal. Trailer brakes and a brake controller are necessary for trailers that weigh 3,000 pounds or more, depending on the state. It is better to be safe and have them, even if they are not required.

Lifting Rigs

Some trailers come with lifting rigs that can move the portable traffic signal properly into position while minimizing the risk of damage. These are especially helpful when placing portable traffic signals in work sites that have rough terrains.

Custom Flooring

Custom flooring for trailers can come with guidelines that assist workers in placing the traffic signal in the proper location, helping to improve efficiency.

Running Gears and Anti-rattle Devices

A running gear will make the trip on the trailer much smoother. Even if you hit several bumps in the road, your traffic signal will be less likely to be damaged. You may also want an anti-rattle device that stops the hitch accessory from moving as much, which will not only be good for the traffic signal but also eliminate the annoying rattling sound.

Lock Down Pegs

You will need to make sure that the signal is locked down during transport. This can be accomplished with a lock down peg designed specifically for the traffic signal.

A Roof

Most trailers are open-transport trailers, but closed trailers will prolong the life of your traffic signal by reducing exposure to outdoor elements, which can cause corrosion and electrical problems over time.

Charging Stations

It is simply inefficient to have to recharge your portable traffic signal before setting it up. Fortunately, many trailers come with outlets that allow the traffic signal to be charged while on route, speeding up the rate in which you can set up the traffic signal.

A Tandem Trailer

If you have more than one traffic signal to transport, you can get a tandem tow that allows you to pull two signals, one behind the other. Contact your vendor to find out if this option is available. 

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