Limo Options For Your Big Day

13 January 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you want to roll away from the wedding reception in style after your vows are said and big event is over, it is no surprise that hiring a limo service is one of the most classy ways to go. To ensure that the first ride together as husband and wife is as enjoyable as possible, it is a good idea to check out some of the luxury options available when you rent a limousine for the day. Whether you are just heading off to the airport to catch a plane or embarking on a 100-mile journey , there are a few features you and your new life partner will definitely want to consider. 

1. Satellite Television - Take advantage of just about any channel you could want to watch with satellite television available right from a luxury limousine. Don't be surprised if some limos are equipped with more than one television and a full surround sound system. 

2. Mobile WiFi - Skip burning up the mobile data on your phone checking on your flight, sending thank you's to guests, or posting pictures from your wedding. A lot of the high-end limousine services offer on-board mobile WiFi for passengers to use. 

3. Mini  Fridge - Some limos are actually equipped with a mini fridge for the convenience of their passengers, which is a great place to chill that extra bottle of wine from the wedding reception or to keep a few bottles of cold soda. If your ride is going to be rather lengthy, it is even a good idea to pack a few snacks in the fridge or have them added for you. 

4. Open Bar - If bringing along your own drinks is out of the question, you can often opt for an open bar that is fully stocked right in the passenger area of the limousine. You and your new spouse can take turns making one another mixed drinks or martinis, or even just sipping on a preferred champagne. 

5. Controllable Mood Lighting - Bring on the romance right from the beginning in a limo that has fully controllable mood lighting from floor to ceiling. Many of the most luxurious limos offer implemented LED lighting throughout the passenger area that can be fully controlled by you while you ride. The lights can usually be dimmed and lowered for a soft glow or the colors changed for a more party-worthy atmosphere. 

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